Friday, December 6, 2013

Kisses From Katie

Kisses From Katie        By : Katie Davis

      Kisses from Katie is about a girl named Katie Davis who gave up homecoming, wealth, luxury, comfort, and popularity to serve her God. By doing that she went to Uganda to live there and she adopted 13 girls.

Monday, November 25, 2013

The River Between Us

The River Between Us       By : Richard Peck

       The River between us is about a boy and his father and his brothers are going to their grandparents house and their mom can't stand them so she stayed home by her own. The boys and their dad have to take a boat to get their and they meet some strange passengers along the way.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The River Between Us

The River Between Us           By : Richard Peck

       So far what this book is about is a boy and his family live in Illinois and they live on one side of the river called the Grand Tower and a lot of creepy things have happened there. A little ghost girl has said to run around at night screaming and then she jumps in the river. So nobody dares to be out by the river at night. The boy and his dad and a few of their family members are going to their dad's parents house which is across the river. That's what I've read about so far.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Teachers Funeral

The Teachers Funeral          By : Richard Peck

       So far this book has been about a girl named Aunt Fanny got stuck in the ditch and she is really big the whole school has to take a rope and try to get her out. Once they got her out she got really mad at them and started saying things like " I've got a gun", or "I know where you live". That is what that chapter was about.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Teachers Funeral

The Teachers Funeral          By : Richard Peck

       What I've read about so far is that Russel who is the main character  his brother Lloyd, and their sister Tansy are out on the lookout for more kids to teach at the one room schoolhouse. They have reached the Tarbox family, and they are not nice at all. None of their kids are educated and their mama refuses to let them go to school, instead she wants them to do chores around the house. The next day while Tansy's getting ready for school one of the oldest Tarbox's (probably around 17) want to learn so he goes to school. But Tansy can't teach very well because  she kind of has a crush on the Tarbox kid. Then they find a snake in Tansy's desk drawer and it is three feet long, so the Tarbox kid kills it and Tansy falls in love with him.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Teachers Funeral

The Teachers Funeral       By : Richard Peck

        So far what I've read about in the Teachers Funeral is that a boy and his brother Lloyd live on a farm and they go to school in a one room schoolhouse and they hate it, they also hate their teacher. It's in the middle of August and school is about to start, when they find our that their teacher died. They are excited because they think that their school will close and they won't have to go to school. But then they figure out that their sister, Tansy will be the teacher and she is only in high-school. Their dreams of the school closing down are slowly tumbling down. Find out what happens next in The Teachers Funeral.

Friday, October 25, 2013

The Teachers Funeral

The Teachers Funeral   By : Richard Peck

       So far what I've read about in The Teachers Funeral is that a boy and his brother go to school at a one room schoolhouse. It's in the middle of August and school is about to start, but the one room schoolhouse teacher died at her 40's. So they went to her funeral and they complained that that they had to were shoes. That is what I've read so far about.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Patterns of Empires

Patterns of Empires

       Hello fellow historians, today I am going to talk to you about patterns of Empires. One of the common patterns of empires are the start of them. Because most of them all start off as a small city/village and don't really know what to do. They never really have a true ruler until the expansion of the empire. Those are the patterns of the empires during the rise.
       Some of the patterns during the expansion of the empires are that they always go into war to gain more territories. They also normally have a ruler during the beginning of the expansion, and there is always a riot for who is going to become ruler or the emperor. Once they start gaining more and more territories their lands became huge and it is hard for the ruler and government to control it. Those are the patterns of the empires during the expansion era.
       Another few of the patterns during the empires were that their empire became to big to control it and it fell because of the intruders coming in. Another pattern was that once other lands found out that the military was getting sick or weak and couldn't fight well, intruders came into the lands and took over. 
       Some of the lasting achievements that happened in the empires were paper, it has been worked on for many years. Because it was first developed in the Han Dynasty, then Egyptians made papyrus and now paper is made into many things and different kinds of paper. Also another lasting influence / achievement would be roads, the Romans invented the roads and now there truly is nowhere where roads aren't found. Those are the patterns of empires.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013



     Sugar is about a little girl named Sugar and she is ten years old. She lives on a sugar plantation and she hates it. Her mom died and she is left an orphan. But she has other people to take care of her at the plantation. The owners son is a boy Sugar's age and they secretly play with each other.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ancient Mesopotamian Cities People and Resources Challenge 3 Ramsey

What factors led to the development of ancient civilizations?

         There are many reasons that ancient cities developed but I will only tell you a few. The city of Babylon in Ancient Mesopotamia had a population density of 200,000 and started increasing as time went on. For ancient Mesopotamia their cities were the center of their life. Here is a fact that I was surprised by : Mesopotamia is where the first cities appeared. So I think that cities appeared more around Mesopotamia after the first one. Because they probably just spread. And the last one is that the cities could have developed due to environmental changes. I hope you learned a lot from this.

Mayans People and Resources Challenge 2 Ramsey

In what ways did ancient people adapt when they faced a surplus of resources?

           Mayans adapted to surplus resources in many ways. But I will only tell you a few. In 2,000 BCE Mayans made farming a way of life. They also invented writing. Those things led them very far in life. Mayans didn't have a surplus amount of animals. Because they didn't have enough animals to carry goods. They also     had a scarcity of metal tools, in fact they didn't have any metal tools. I think that they have a surplus amount of deer meat because they ate deer meat a lot. Mayans didn't put windows in their house's, so I think that they didn't have a surplus amount of glass. I think that they had a surplus amount of leather because they always had on leather sandals. And lastly they had a surplus amount of turtles where they lived because they made drums out of turtle shells. I hope you learned a lot from this.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Farming and Civilizations Level E

Dear Editor,
    I have enjoyed your presentation on the characteristics on civilizations, but I have encountered a few minor mistakes. Here is the feedback on the presentation. I agree that your definition of government is true. But this is what my brain has told me. The government are the people who take our money for taxes and who rule or watch over our nation. I think they match very well. I have also agreed that your definition of religion is true. But I don't agree with your definition of technology. I think that technology is how you figure out things and inventions somebody has made. I do agree with your definition of language. In fact my definition was the exact same. I also agree with your definition or thinking of the words education and art. But sadly I don't  agree with your thinking of Transportation. Transportation is not just moving something but also moving anything including your body. I do agree with the meaning of traditions and literature. But I don't agree with Architecture. I think architecture is the designs of buildings not how you design them. But I do agree with the meaning of entertainment and economy. I hope you enjoyed the feedback of your presentation.

                                                                                                      Ramsey C. Tucker

Friday, April 19, 2013

Institution People and Resources Challenge 1

Institution People and Resources Challenge 1 By : Ramsey Tucker

       Resources affected people in many ways here's how. Seasonal floods made the soil rich for farming. In the Andes villages were shaken by volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. That effected them because that means that their crops probably died because the roots of the crops probably got uprooted. Another reason is that people didn't have iron tools, so I think that means that it took them longer to plant their crops by hand than by tools. Here's another reason, the marshy mangroves were not suitable for farming because the soil was too wet. The Andeans used stone tools to dig gold and silver. When they got the gold they melted it to make decorations, clothing, and utensils. The Andeans most important animal was the llama because the llama carried goods. The last one is this, around 6,000 B.C.E. the Andeans cut into the mountains to make terraces for farming. I hope you learned a lot from this.                                                                                          

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ink Heart By Cornelia Funke

Ink Heart By : Cornelia Funke

What this book is about...?
     This book is about a girl who loves to read books, and her passion is to read books. She was sleeping with a book under her pillow for when she woke up in the middle of the night. When she woke up she heard a dog bark, so she looked out the window. She saw a little man staring at her.

I imagined Blah Blah Blah when I was reading...?

I imagined me in my room and the neighbors dog barking. So then I look out the window and lightning flashes, and I see a mans face staring at me.

So What...?
    I predict that the man is a bad person.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Farming and Civilization Level B Ramsey

I think this picture describes a civilization. I think they have a surplus amount of grain. Because in the picture they have lots of extra grain. They also are living a sedentary lifestyle because they are staying put and they have a couple houses. The animals are domesticated because they are helping the people with carrying foods and grains on their backs. They are also not running away and they are very well trained. They are starting to grow a very good civilization, because like I said earlier they have a surplus amount of grain and they have a couple houses to live in. They also have a lot of people and they live in a gated area. They are living in a urban center because they have a gated area, and it looks like only certain people are allowed in. It looks like they are interdependent because it looks like they are always with them, because of all the people working different jobs so that they can live. They have a low population density because their are only 7 people that you can see in the picture. They are also interacting with each other because they are working together to make food. They are showing cohesion because they are sticking together. If they didn't stick together they would die.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Challenges for Hunters and Gatherers Level 2

Challenges for Hunters and Gatherers

  There were many challenges that hunters and gatherers faced. But I will only tell you a few of them. One of them was that they couldn't get to used to a specific place because if they kill too many of the animals they would run out, and then they would have to go somewhere else. They had to use sustainable yield or else they would die. Another problem was that they couldn't go in large groups or (clans). Or else if they rustle around too much or talk a lot they would scare the animals. Another challenge hunters and gatherers faced was that they did not have the weapons we use now, like guns. Back then they only had bows and arrows, and spears. As you can see there were many challenges nomads faced.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Characteristics of Hunters and Gatherers Level 1

Characteristics of Hunters and Gatherers  

Hunters and Gatherers are people who hunt for their food, and when they are done hunting they gather it all up so that they can eat it. They hunt animals like deer and pheasants. They can't hunt too much at a time or else they will run out of food and there will not be anymore. Hunters and Gatherers do not stay in one place at all times. They have to move around because if the animals know they are there the animals will not go that way anymore. They also move around because they might run out of animals in that area. Hunters and Gatherers did not use guns because those were not invented yet. They used bows and arrows and spears. They also did not go in large groups because if they moved around too much the animals would get scared away.