Friday, January 25, 2013

Challenges for Hunters and Gatherers Level 2

Challenges for Hunters and Gatherers

  There were many challenges that hunters and gatherers faced. But I will only tell you a few of them. One of them was that they couldn't get to used to a specific place because if they kill too many of the animals they would run out, and then they would have to go somewhere else. They had to use sustainable yield or else they would die. Another problem was that they couldn't go in large groups or (clans). Or else if they rustle around too much or talk a lot they would scare the animals. Another challenge hunters and gatherers faced was that they did not have the weapons we use now, like guns. Back then they only had bows and arrows, and spears. As you can see there were many challenges nomads faced.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Characteristics of Hunters and Gatherers Level 1

Characteristics of Hunters and Gatherers  

Hunters and Gatherers are people who hunt for their food, and when they are done hunting they gather it all up so that they can eat it. They hunt animals like deer and pheasants. They can't hunt too much at a time or else they will run out of food and there will not be anymore. Hunters and Gatherers do not stay in one place at all times. They have to move around because if the animals know they are there the animals will not go that way anymore. They also move around because they might run out of animals in that area. Hunters and Gatherers did not use guns because those were not invented yet. They used bows and arrows and spears. They also did not go in large groups because if they moved around too much the animals would get scared away.