Friday, February 28, 2014

Christopher Columbus

Christoper Columbus    By : Ramsey Tucker

       Christopher Columbus was a European common man who wanted to explore so he went to the King and Queen to ask them to provide him money for the trip, they said no, so later he did the same thing, they again said no. So Christopher went to just Queen Isabella and asked her. She said yes. When he got a crew together he wanted to find a quicker route to get to Asia. So when he went he ran into some land which was the America's and people already found it, he thought it was Asia. So he went back to the Queen and told her the news. He went to "Asia" a bunch of times and died thinking he went to Asia.

Among The Hidden

Among The Hidden

        I just finished the book so here's how close to the end is. Luke was flashing his signal to Jen, another shadow child. But every time he flashed the signal she wouldn't signal back, so Luke had no choice and broke into her house. Thinking " Is she still at the rally." So he is using the online illegal chat room and now one is chatting back. Then he here's a loud man's voice saying "Who's in my house?" Luke finds out that the man's voice was Jen's dad, and Luke spills out everything. When Jen's dad start's crying Luke finds out that Jen died. A government worker shot all 40 shadow kids. Then he hears a loud knock at the door and he is saying " Population Police, open up."So Jen's dad throws Luke in the closet and the door breaks open and the Population Police starts looking around and looks in the closet...      Read the book to find out the rest.

Thursday, February 20, 2014


Erick the Red       By : Ramsey Tucker
       Erick the Red was an explorer who was exploring when he bumped into an ice berg, him and his crew climbed out to explore the land and south of the ice berg was an area of rows of grapes and lots of greenery and animals. So Erick the Red called the place Vinland, because of the vegetation and vines of grapes. On a later trip back to Vinland he found out that Vikings had already lived there, and Vikings didn't want to share their land so they killed Erick the Red.

Among the Hidden

Among the Hidden       By : Ramsey Tucker

        What this book is about is a boy named Luke who has two older brothers, Matthew and Mark. But that is a problem, because where Luke lives there is a population law. People can only have two children. When the mother has had her two, the hospital does something so that she can't have anymore. But there was a problem with Luke's mom. If the government finds out that someone had three children they take them away or execute them. But Luke is tired of the exclusion, and the teasing from his brothers, and the restrictions. So he spies on his neighbors and he sees a face in one of the families windows. So when no one is home he breaks into that families house and risks his life. He meets a girl who is also a "Shadow" child.

What does it say?
- It says that the government only allows two children per family.

What does it mean?
-It means that if you disobey that law something terribly bad will happen to that child.

What does it matter?
-It matters because if there is a third child that the government finds, then it's wrong to execute that child because of the parents.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Blood On The River

Blood On The River      By : Ramsey Tucker

       What this book is about  is that a bunch of people from Europe go on a ship to go exploring for new land. When thy reach a destination they find out that there is already people who live in this new land which is called America. The people are called Native Americans. They think that the Native Americans are there friends, but the Native Americans are tricking them so that they don't suspect anything. Then the Native Americans attack the Europeans because the Europeans were building on their land without asking their permission.

What does it say?
- It says that the Europeans were building on their land without their permission.

What does it mean?
- It means that the Europeans thought that they could do whatever they wanted and thought that they were invincible.

What does it matter?
- It matters because if they don't learn from their mistakes they could do it again and their could be a battle raging on.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Anne Frank

10 Days of Anne Frank        By : Ramsey Tucker

       This book is about Anne Frank a girl who was a child during the Holocaust and this book shows ten days of her life. Ten days that changed her life, and the country of Germany. Anne Frank was a normal Jewish eleven year old girl who lived in Amsterdam. In Germany Hitler was against all Jews, blacks, homosexuals, disabled people and gypsies. Hitler's helpers and servants, or the few people he liked, had to be Christians. This book says that Hitler hated all Jews and wanted to kill all of them. What this means is that anyone who was wearing a sewed in star that said Jude on their uniform, if they did something bad they would be sent to labor camps and possibly killed. This matters because it is just like bullying, if no one stops him he'll just get more powerful.